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  Success Story 4  
  Empowering small scale farmers  
  Agriculture is the blood of our nation. The water bodies that feed those acres and acres of cultivable land are its arteries. The air is the enriching agent of that blood. Without these, we will die. As things exist, over the last 40 years, through “new agriculture” we have systematically poisoned our soil, our water, and our air and by consuming the produce of these toxic processes ended up poisoning ourselves. This brilliant, scientific, high growth, high yield system has yielded some spectacular results – high cholesterol, high sugar, high gastric ulcers and high heart disease. Obviously, we at the Green Movement aren’t exactly setting off fireworks in celebration. No! Our earth is dying and we, as responsible citizens have to ensure that it – and by extension – the citizens of Sri Lanka – survive. This is exactly what we do with our ecological agriculture program.
  Working with small-scale farmers who are the largest producers of food in the country, we ensure that they detox their lands, secure their water sources, reduce expenses, increase the range of foods that they consume, decrease the incidence of ill-health, increase the academic success of their children, increase their economic strength and ensure that the food that they produce for the multitudes of citizens in other disciplines have something in them that is healthy and nutritious to feed their children. Having eradicated toxic agro-chemical application from their fields, these farmers, living quality lives, are eternally grateful to our agricultural teams for showing them a way out of poverty, out of marginalization, out of debt and out of misery. We are proud!
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Last updated: 06 June, 2016